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About Us

Company Overview

BizCom is passionate about telecommunications and creating the Perfect Solution for our clients. We thrive on technology and innovation. We make technology simple, manageable, and affordable by offering a total business solution with one point of contact for support, management and accountability.

We are experienced and enjoy working with telecom bills, billing disputes, saving our customers money, contract negotiations and other telecom details that many organizations dread.

Instead of working with multiple vendors to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support technology, you have one reliable company to help with all aspects of your Carrier Services, Phone System, Data & Technology needs.  BizCom is your (one point of contact) environment turning technology into a competitive advantage.

Who We Help

Simplify Communications for Small, Mid, Multi Location & National Clients

BizCom Networks, we simplify Communications for our clients.  By providing enterprise Services (Voice Service, Phone Equipment, Data & Document Management) for an affordable monthly fee.

Instead of working with multiple vendors to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support technology, you have one reliable company to help with all aspects of your Voice, Data & Document Management.  We create a one point of contact environment for your business, enabling your business to remain competitive in your market.

Ensure Business Continuity

We proactively monitor your organization to avoid and crises, disasters and outage so you can quickly get back to business as usual.

Get connected and stay connected. BizCom Networks, offers a high range of cost effect services available nationwide for all your locations.


Is your company spending too much time managing telecom carrier installations, billing, audits, and recovering from failed circuit performance? Would your organization be interested in REDUCING COSTS significantly?

BizCom Networks, Clients have achieved reductions in their communications costs anywhere from 30 – 50% while maintaining or upgrading the quality of their services.   While gaining upgrading Carrier Service and New Equipment.

With over 100 years of trusted Carrier Management and Phone System Service experience, BizzCom Networks can assist your company with all of your telecom related issues or projects. All of our fees (for the services listed below) are FREE OF CHARGE to you.


Carrier selection (we are carrier agnostic)

• Review Carrier(s) capabilities by geography and product set
• Identify carrier core strengths and challenges
• Consolidate traffic as applicable
• Provide preferred carrier(s) pricing
• Negotiate carrier rates
• Confirm carrier references
• Recommend carrier(s)

Manage and monitor installations

• Coordinate vendor meetings, as applicable
• Confirm customer service records (CSR)
• Confirm carrier deliverables and dates

Manage circuit cost and performance

• Monitor carrier billing and serve as advocate until resolved
• Support carrier NOC escalations and serve as primary point of contact
• Coordinate carrier dispatch